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What Does the Detox Foot Bath Color Change Mean? - Gear Elevation

What Does the Detox Foot Bath Color Change Mean?

People who don’t understand the Ion Pure™ technology often surmise that it is not credible because the water changes color without feet in it. With so many brands spreading misinformation about color change, we think it is about time to set the record straight.

Why does the water change without feet?

There are a few things to consider. During a foot bath session, the array interacts not only with the feet but also with the contaminants and salts in the water. Ions don’t play favorites, they neutralize the charged particles in the water as well as the toxins in the body. The color change in a tub without feet comes from the interaction with the water along with some debris from the stainless steel plates as they degrade during the ionization process.

Color change does NOT equal detox.

When people doubt footbaths because of color change, we tell them that they’re actually right! Not all detox footbath systems are created equal, and it’s really important to know what distinguishes the Ion Pure™ from its competitors.

While there are many, the most significant differences to note in this context are the following:

  1. The Ion Pure™ generates both negative and positive ions. 
    The ions act like little magnets in the water. If you only have negative ions, you’re not addressing any negatively charged toxicity.
  2. The Ion Pure™ delivers a clean, filtered current to the water.
    This is an extremely important part of the equation, as it helps your body enter rest and digest so that it’s able to detox. It is also why the body continues to detox for three to five days after the session.
  3. The Ion Pure™ complies with EMF and Conducted Emissions safety.
    Did you know that using an ionic foot bath that hasn’t passed regulatory approvals could damage your TVs or computers?

What do the colors of the water mean?

The original color chart was developed by Gear Elevation in the early aughts of this century. The colors were correlated to detox through biofeedback testing. Clients would use the foot bath while concurrently being tested with a Bio Meridian system. As certain meridians were fluctuating, corresponding colors were invariably present in the water. This was a strict correlation that seemed to have merit when confirmed with applied kinesiology, or muscle testing. However, the color charts floating around online have taken liberties that we at Gear Elevation believe have hurt the industry with their often incredibly wild claims.


If detox isn’t all in the water…where else is it?

People can and do detox into the water, but our most recent research focuses on the detox that happens after cleansing. Since the Ion Pure™ delivers a clean, filtered current, it helps boost your body’s own ability to detox. 

The Ion Pure™ is an invaluable tool because it increases your body’s ability to detox on its own; your body is doing what it’s meant to do, only better.

We firmly believe that in our toxic world the Ion Pure™ is a tool that everybody should implement. This is one reason we are so passionate about getting the Ion Pure™ detox foot bath into every household. Are you ready to start your detox journey? Buy the Ion Pure™ for home use here. 

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