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Sports Kinesiology Tape Roll

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Original price $35.99
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Current price $17.99

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Color: White
Size: 5cmX5M

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Kinesio Tape Was Created And Developed By Dr. Kenzo Kase In 1973. It Is A Treatment That Is Felt To Prolong The Effects Of Physiologic Work Done. After Many Unsuccessful Attempts To Use Adhesive Tapes That Were Commercially Available, Dr. Kase Developed Kinesio Tape.


  • PREMIUM QUALITY & ENHANCING PERFORMANCE KINESIOLOGY RECOVERY PRE CUT TAPE: Muscle Fix Therapy Tape lifts your skin away from muscles increasing the blood circulation, providing fast and effective pain suppression and relief, joint protection, fatigue reduction and support for muscles, ligaments and tendon aches and injuries. Ideal for shoulder, neck, elbow, lower back, knee, ankle, and many others.



  • LATEX FREE & HIGH GRADE BREATHABLE WATERPROOF COTTON MESH: This medical Kinesio tape mesh allows moisture release for comfort, flexibility, and wearability for more days without itching, irritation or reactions with the skin.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC, STRONG, HEAT ACTIVATED & MEDICAL GRADE ADHESIVE: Wear your Kinesiology Tape to play or practice any of your favorite sports on the sand, in water, under shower, humidity, sweat or tears without worrying about it for up to 3-5 days.Ā 

Basics Of Application :

  • Ensure to thoroughly assess the patient in order to identify the most appropriate application
  • Do NOT apply tape to any area of skin that is damaged by scrapes; cuts; burns; sunburn or any type of skin rash/irritation
  • The skin should be free of oils and lotion prior to application
  • If body hair is limiting adhesion you may need to trim or shave the area
  • Do NOT apply with excess tension (as with zinc oxide application)
  • If the patient has been exercising, ensure perspiration has completely stopped before applicationĀ 
  • If you are using a roll of tape, measure and cut carefully
  • Round all the edges of the tape to prevent premature peeling
  • Avoid touching the adhesive side of the tape after removing the backing as this may decrease the adhesive strength on the skin
  • Once the tape is applied, activate the heat-sensitive glue by rubbing up and down the surface of the tapeĀ 
  • Wait at least 1 hour after application before engaging in activity that causes sweating
  • Do not swim or shower for at least 1 hour after application
  • To dry the tape after exercising, swimming or a shower, pat gently with a towel
Sports Kinesiology Tape Roll

Sports Kinesiology Tape Roll

In stock. Order in the next 1h 0m 0s and the product will be with you on Friday, 14 July

Color: White
Size: 5cmX5M
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